The Project Linus Chapter of Wake County, NC was started in 1996 by Susie Holmes. Over 42,000 blankets have been delivered to many local groups and agencies that help seriously ill or traumatized children who need a HUG from a blanket including: Wake Med Hospitals, Rex Hospital, Duke Hospital NICU, Safe Space (for children of abused women receiving support), Hospice (for their Reflections program for grieving children and teens), Make a Wish Foundation, the children at Salvation Army, Children's Flight of Hope, and Wake County Social Services.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Franklinton Elementary School Students Helping Other Children

Inspired by the idea of connecting students with projects that impact our local community, Blake Taylor and students at Franklinton Elementary School are making blankets for those in need – one tie at a time.

Taylor teaches fourth grade at Franklinton Elementary School in Franklinton, North Carolina. As a second year teacher at FES, he was determined to find a local organization that provides support for those in need – that’s when he found Project Linus.

According to Taylor, “I really wanted to do something more than just teach our students about our curriculum -- reading, writing, math, these are all great --  but how are we teaching our students about community and helping others? That is when I decided to go and look for a service project with which the students would be able to identify.”

Project Linus is an organization that takes handmade blankets and donates them to children in need, right here in the Triangle. Recipients of these blankets may be children facing tremendous odds in local hospitals or families going through extreme circumstances in our homeless shelters.

“I coordinated back and forth with the chair of the Raleigh chapter and she sent me the specs for making a no-sew fleece blanket,” Said Taylor.

Students have been working over the last few weeks to create no-sew fleece blankets. Taylor and the rest of the fourth grade teachers at FES, Karla Webber and Justin Collins, sent letters home to parents soliciting materials for the blankets or small donations to benefit the project – the team received over $100 in donations and various supplies.

With the support of the community and the vision of our teachers, forty-eight students have worked in pairs to make over thirty-five blankets. Taylor and his team hope to encourage the idea of service learning, especially during the holiday season, “It has been a lot of fun, and I think that our students found the joy in giving this holiday season,” he said.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our Wake County chapter of Project Linus is always delighted to share our love and blankets with the TAPS program. TAPS is the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors for the children of fallen soldiers from Fort Bragg, NC. We are so proud of the service of our soldiers and their families. We truly hope that they feel wrapped in love. 

Here is the note from Pat Weber, who oversees the Project Linus Sandhills Chapter:

I received some photos from The TAPS weekend.  Please share with your volunteers
the significance of their blankets to the children of fallen soldiers.  Thank you again for
the donation and the support.

Pat Weber, Chapter Coordinator
Sandhills/Moore County, NC
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Several crocheters asked about the Janet's pattern at the Make a Blanket Day. You can find it here.

Email me your finished product and I'll post it here!
Displaying Blanket1.jpg

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Make a Blanket Day was a huge success - over 140 blankets were turned in that day, and all of them have already been delivered to children in need. Many thanks to Susan Russell and the Knightdale United Methodist Church for hosting. Here are some photos.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Make A Blanket Day

Saturday, September 13, 2014
10am to 3pm

7071 Forestville Rd,

 Knightdale, NC 27545

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mary-thon logo 
Welcome to the 2015 Moving Forward Mary-thon!

Ready for the 2015 Moving Forward Mary-thon? It's new and improved, it's fun, it's a great way to get moving and get healthy and best of all, it benefits Project Linus! There's no running required - just a commitment to exercise regularly for 6, 13, 19 or 26 weeks. We all know that the more we move, the healthier we become. When we move with friends for a cause (Project Linus, of course) our chances for success are so much better!

Here's what it's all about:
What is a Mary-thon? The Mary-thon is a 26 week fitness event. You commit to 26 weeks of exercise (your choice - walking, running, elliptical, Zumba, yoga, or whatever gets you moving) for 30 minutes per day either three (Half Mary-thon) or five (Full Mary-thon) days per week.
  1. How long do I have? You must complete your 26 weeks within a 30 week period. That means there are 4 extra weeks built in to each Mary-thon corral to allow for illness, personal time off, etc. - it's up to you whether or not you use them.
  2. When do I start? There will be three different "start dates" called corrals. You can decide which "corral" best fits your schedule in 2015 by selecting your starting date: Corral #1: Start January 4 and finish between June 4 and July 2, Corral #2: Start April 5 and finish between October 3 and October 31, or Corral #3: Start May 31 and finish between November 28 and December 26, 2015. You won't need to "restart" - once you start, there's plenty of time to finish.
  3. What's in it for me? Finish 6 weeks and you will earn your "Rookie" status and receive a downloadable certificate. Finish 13 weeks and you will earn your "Semi-Pro" status and receive a Mary-thon reflector hand/arm band or no-slip headband (your choice). Finish 19 weeks and you will earn your"Pro status" and receive an official Mary-thon drawstring "sports pack". As always, when you finish 26 weeks you will be listed on our website as a Mary-thon finisher and receive your beautiful 2015 medal.
    Remember - FINISHING = WINNING!
  4. How much does it cost? The cost of the Mary-thon is $39.50. For an additional $10 you can include weekly online reporting with personal feedback and encouragement. We will also have the Mary-thon workbook available for $10.00.  
  5. What's in it for Project Linus? The best part is Project Linus receives $10 for every registration.
  6. In addition: We will also have fun challenges along the way, Mary-thon workouts by our certified personal trainer Hannah and inspirational e-mails each week to motivate you to keep you moving forward!
Please spread the word! Registration will open on our website ( October 1, 2014. If you have ANY questions or would like notice when registration opens, please e-mail Mary: 

Some Thank Yous, both national and local:

We just received this beautiful thank you note from a grateful parent: "I just wanted to write a thank you! My children and I belong to TAPS.(Tragedy Assistance Program for survivors). We lost their dad 8/8/11. He was a SFC in the Army. To some people, that may seem like a long time. To us, some days, it feels like just yesterday. The blankets that you lovingly make and donate to TAPS, gives the children a connection between them and their mentor they receive when going to a TAPS convention. When they go home, They have a snuggly blanket that someone who cares about them picked out for them. On those difficult days, they can wrap up in that blanket and" remember the love, Celebrate the life, and share the journey" with their mentor even though they are miles apart due to your special gift! There is nothing like a warm hug and your blankets gives that to all our children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! From a humble Army Widow"
Most campers had checked-in at Camp Corral in Gig Harbor, WA the afternoon of August 3rd when a woman and an obviously distressed young boy walked up to the tables filled with blankets. The woman asked if it was ok if her son received a blanket mentioning he was not ready for camp. She looked upset and the boy was tearing up and looking at the ground. The mom then said her son had had a rough summer so far, that earlier in the summer bullies at a playground had put a noose around her son's neck and pushed him down a slide. And because of that experience, he wasn't ready for camp this year. Her son was trying so hard not to cry, but the tears were rolling down his cheeks as she was telling all this. We made sure he got a blanket in his favorite color, and as he walked away hand in hand with his mom, he was clutching it to his chest as though his life depended on it.

And it took a couple minutes for this volunteer to pull it together as they were walking away.....

A beautiful thank you from a grateful mom! "I just want to say thank you for the love you provide. My now seven month old son was born with a heart problem (that he has already outgrown) that required some time in the NICU. I was a terrified new mother who had no idea what the doctors were talking about. As someone who has always loved dinosaurs, seeing the T-Rex blanket stretched across the top of his incubator made the scary box that was holding my heart and soul seem less scary. It was like a friend was there with him at all times when I couldn't be. The blanket has become his favorite play mat! Thank you so much!"

We received this beautiful thank you note from a grieving parent. We're always amazed when a parent going through such a crisis takes the time to thank us for the blanket their child received. It's so encouraging to us to know that our blankets really do offer a type of comfort to the families as well as the children.

Here's the note: "Just writing a little email to you all to let you know how wonderful your organization is. My husband and I just had our very first baby on May 20th and lost her that same day. One of the Project Linus crocheted blankets came to us that day and it has provided so much comfort to all of us since. I wanted to thank you for how much your organization can help in the healing process while we grieve. Our baby girl is named Hazel Noelle Shelley and she was wrapped with love in the blanket. Thank you so much."

Yesterday, as my daughter went back to get ready for surgery we came upon her bed with a neatly folded handmade quilt wrapped in a ribbon. When the nurse told me about Project Linus and how every little boy and girl gets a blanket before surgery I was overwhelmed with emotion knowing that a group of people, who do not know her, took the time to make something that will be forever special to her. My daughter hugged the blanket as they wheeled her off, giving her the security she needed. I just want to thank you for doing what you are doing. You are truly making a difference. It is wonderful to know there is still so much good in the world. When my daughter heals up, I am going to take her to pick out material to donate to a local Project Linus so she can return the gift of happiness to some little boy or girl. THANK YOU!!!! 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Project Linus Coordinators, volunteers and blanketeers are eligible for  10% discount at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores when making Project Linus blankets! Following are the enrollment details. Remember, you and your volunteers must also have a Project Linus ID Card, which you as a coordinator can get from the Project Linus online Chapter Coordinator Store (not the public store). Order as many as you need for you and your volunteers. You should only need to use the ID card the first time when you get your Jo-Ann's card validated.

1.  Visit the  Jo-Ann Non-Profit Discount Program at
2.  Click the green "Enroll Now" button
3.  Enter "Project Linus" in the Organization Name box
4.  Enter your information (Name, Address, Email...)
5.  Click the green "Enroll Now" button
     - Your Non-Profit Discount Card will arrive in the mail within three to four weeks.
6.  Take your Non-Profit Discount Card, Photo ID and Project Linus Volunteer Card to your nearest Jo-Ann Store for validation
7.  Save 10% on every* purchase!
*exclusions apply.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Thank you from Make A Wish:

The blankets are AWESOME!!!!  Thank you so very much.  We’ve already notified all of our volunteers and I expect this batch will fly off the shelves.  Many thanks to your magical blanketeers!

Angeline McInerny
Director of Mission Delivery
Make-A-Wish® Eastern North Carolin

Friday, August 15, 2014

National Students of AMF Create Blankets

In early August, National Students of AMF worked to make warm, cuddly blankets for Project Linus. AMF helps young people cope with a loved one's illness or death. It was started in Raleigh to honor Anne Marie Fajgenbaum by her son David. 
They support and empower grieving college students by helping them to set up "chapters" of Students of AMF on their campuses: These consist of a peer-led grief support group as well as a service event component. They have been around for 8 years and have 46 campus chapters of AMF across the nation.
In August AMF hosts the National Conference on College Student Grief. They gave them a hands on training on how to best run these chapters. 
Read their story at:
Here are photos of the fun day:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I thought you would like to know that when I walked in with bags of blankets today for Wake Med, the nurses started clapping. They LOVE your blankets! - Susie

Friday, July 18, 2014

Project Linus Make a Blanket Day
Hosted by Knightdale United Methodist Church
Saturday, September 13, 2014
10AM-3 PM
7071 Forestville Rd,
Knightdale, NC 27545

Bring your own sewing machine, crochet and knitting needles, notions, etc....
Fabric and yarn donations are happily accepted!
A limited supply of donated yarn, fleece and fabric will be available.
Bring an existing project or start a new one!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Camp Corral

A few years ago, Golden Corral founder James Maynard began working with his team to explore ways that they could “serve those who have served us” and provide something meaningful to give back to military families.  Golden Corral has a long history of honoring the military and veterans organizations, so supporting the children of military service members was a natural extension of what they were already doing.  The idea of sending these children to camp as a way to thank their families and offer their kids a life-changing week away from home became a reality in 2011 when Camp Corral opened as a pilot, one-camp program.

Camp Corral, headquartered in Raleigh, is a free, one-of-a-kind summer camp for children of wounded, disabled or fallen military service members.  Since its founding, Camp Corral has grown to 20 camps in 16 states, and served over 4,000 children. The vision behind Camp Corral is one where kids, ages 8 to 15, are free to be kids, far away from the day-to-day challenges they face as children of military service members.

The Raleigh chapter of Project Linus provided blankets for the campers at the recent opening of camp.  Dolly Mercer, Consumer Promotions & National Events Manager with Golden Corral, sent this note:
I was at the Camp Corral opening Sunday at the Eastern NC 4-H Center in Columbia, North Carolina – we had about 125 campers,  with some little siblings that wanted a blanket too – we couldn’t resist this toddler who just had to have this blue and white blanket.  The girls and boys were all very thoughtful in choosing a blanket and then smiles for everyone.  It was such a rewarding day.

Thank you and your chapter members for making such an impact on our Camp Corral children.  Thanks to you, we had lots of blankets and the display was great (see photos). 

We hope next year that some of the chapter members will want to actually be at a Sunday afternoon opening and help to distribute the blankets to the children.  We would love to have you join us.

Best regards and thanks again,
Two additional camps will be held in North Carolina this summer, with the next one beginning August 10 at a YMCA camp near Greensboro.  Project Linus volunteers are welcome to come for the opening day and help distribute blankets and join in the fun.  To volunteer, call Dolly at 919 781-9310 or email  More information about the camps can be found at

Monday, June 30, 2014

Delivering Blankets

Betty Boucher, coordinator of the Greystone Blanketeers, shares her experience delivering blankets to several local hospitals: 

   I delivered to Rex Hospital 29 blankets of various sizes (4 were quilts) which they said were just perfect. The nurse offered me a tour of the area in the Women's Center where they have preemies and newborns with medical problems.  They also told me how they use the various size blankets.  I got to see different sizes being used.
      - Small fleece: used on top of sheets in isolettes or small cribs for comfort.  Parents may take these blankets home to sleep with so they imprint their scent on the blankets, bring them back to wrap babies in; or wrap their baby in the blanket, then take it home and let family pet become use to scent of baby just before baby is brought home.

      - Baby medium size fleece or baby quilts: used to completely cover isolettes or to wrap babies in the mini-cribs.

   It was a fantastic experience for me.  I was embraced and treated like royalty.  They were so appreciative to receive the blankets. They hadn't had any delivered in a while. They've received some from Capital Quilting Club and individuals.  I also saw how small the space they had to store them.  They had actually used their last blanket on a baby born today with some breathing problems so was in special isolette with the quilt covering it.
   While we were getting the bags out of my car a woman leaving the Women's Center stopped to ask how much we were selling the blankets for.  She was clearly amazed when the nurse said they were all made by volunteers and were donated free to the hospital.  She just raised her hand to the sky and said "There are angels everywhere!"  I told her I had a hoard of angels making this happen.
   My reception from Duke Hospital was similar.  I was told about the teenagers who were in their care for months and how they decorated their space with their cheerful blankets.  The nurses at WakeMed Brier Creek were thrilled by variety of colors and the 2 crocheted blankets with the matching baby hats.
   Every appointment I made for a delivery was greeted with absolute joy and delight that we were willing to share with their facility, then amazement over the variety and quality. All 3 facilities emphasized that they would be grateful and find a use for any size I delivered.  All remarked about how grateful the parents felt that someone would do this to provide comfort for their child.
   What a great experience.  Thank you for letting me do this.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Girl Scouts Make Blankets

Girl Scout Cadette Troop 1426 made several blankets for Project Linus!  They had a wonderful time learning about the program and feeling the warmth that a blanket can bring both in your heart and hands.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Every 38 minutes Make-A-Wish (R)  grants the wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition in the United States and its territories. 

Make-A-Wish of Eastern North Carolina covers the 49 counties in eastern North Carolina, and has granted more than 2,700 wishes since 1986. Our Project Linus chapter supports Make-A-Wish of Eastern North Carolina by providing blankets for the children who are granted their wish. 

"Make-A-Wish had a banner year last year, granting a record 180 wishes for local Eastern North Carolina children.  Unfortunately, we still ended the year with 200+ kids in the system waiting for wishes, with additional requests coming in daily!  We are extremely grateful for the wonderful support Project Linus has given – and many of our wish kids are wrapped up in warm and loving blankets – for a number of those, it’s the first and only blanket of their own that they’ve received!" according to Joyce Aschenbrenner, Volunteer and Events Manager.
A recent blanket delivery

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another Huge Success!

Make a Blanket Day was a huge success last weekend. Over 85 people enjoyed the day. The very generous Temple Beth Or provided a beautiful sunlight room where we finished 392 blankets. Spoonflower donated gorgeous fabric for us to make more blankets. Some of those blankets have already been delivered to Wake Med Hospital and the children of soldiers at Fort Bragg.
Many thanks to Deanna Winick for spearheading everything. The raffle was a great success and raised over $180 for our chapter. That money will now be used for batting, fabric and fleece. If you would like to contribute something to next year’s raffle, we would welcome it. Please email Deanna at     
Thank you to all of you for helping so many seriously ill and traumatized children.
Susie Holmes
Coordinator, Project Linus Wake County

 More photos of  Make A Blanket Day 2014   are in our Photo Gallery

Monday, March 3, 2014

Make A Blanket Day is Saturday!

Dear Blanketeers,
We are so excited about our Annual Make a Blanket Day this year!  Here are a few reminders:
   Date: Saturday, March 8th, 2014 
   Time: 2pm to 6pm
   Location: Temple Beth Or Synagogue, 5315 Creedmoor Road in Raleigh
   Room:  Social Hall - located immediately to the left when you walk into the lobby
What to bring:  Supplies such as knitting needles/crochet hooks, a project you're working on…. sewing machine and notions.
We will have batting and material to sew blankets. Spoonflower is donating fabric so we can create some beautiful digitally printed blankets! ~ Thank you Spoonflower!
Snacks and water will be available, but feel free to bring a snack to share.  Bring your own water bottle if possible…let's try to minimize waste.
Parking:  Parking is available to the left and right when you enter from Creedmoor Road. 
Dropping off supplies:  You may drive straight to the front of the building to the circle if you have items you would like to drop off, then go and park.  If you need assistance, please come in the building and someone will help!
Raffle:  We will have some fun prizes for a raffle! Tickets will be $1 each or $5 for 6 tickets!  Prizes include: Gift card to Relish Cafe, ZPizza coupons, jewelry, and more! 
Thank you to those who have offered to help set up. We’re always happy to have more help - just arrive between 12:30 and 1pm
Contact me with any questions or concerns at 919-345-3576.  Have a great week and see you Saturday!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From Linus With Love

Carolina Country is a monthly magazine for members of North Carolina's electric cooperatives, and is distributed to more than 735,000 homes.  In the February issue, Carla Burgess shares stories of several North Carolina blanketeers and how handmade blankets comfort the children who receive them.  All Project Linus chapters in North Carolina are listed, along with information on how folks can become involved.

You can read the article "From Linus With Love" here.  To view the entire the entire February issue of Carolina Country magazine, click here.

From Carolina Country magazine, Michael E. C. Gery, Editor. Reprinted with permission.