The Project Linus Chapter of Wake County, NC was started in 1996 by Susie Holmes. Over 42,000 blankets have been delivered to many local groups and agencies that help seriously ill or traumatized children who need a HUG from a blanket including: Wake Med Hospitals, Rex Hospital, Duke Hospital NICU, Safe Space (for children of abused women receiving support), Hospice (for their Reflections program for grieving children and teens), Make a Wish Foundation, the children at Salvation Army, Children's Flight of Hope, and Wake County Social Services.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Volunteers Needed for an Apex Event

Hello Blanketeers,

We have a fabulous fundraising opportunity from Lynn's Hallmark in Apex at the Beaver Creek Shopping Center--easy to access from NC 540 (Triangle Expressway) and US 64.

Lynn's Hallmark is family owned by three generations. Their manager had a child in NICU that received a Project Linus blanket. We are so grateful that they want to help Project Linus.

Their Keepsake Ornament kick-off weekend is October 5th and 6th. The theme this year is everything Charlie Brown, including Linus. They are introducing more than 100 new ornaments.

They will provide us with a table where we can collect blankets, supplies and monetary donations. With every donation, customers will get a coupon for 20% off their entire transaction in the store.
We need volunteers (2 or more) each day to represent our chapter on Saturday October 5th from 8:30 AM to 4 PM or 5 PM and Sunday October 6th from 11:30 AM to 4 PM
Please contact me at if you can volunteer for 2-3 hours at a time for either day. More details to follow!

Thank you for all you do! 
Deanna Winick

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Ripple Effect

The following article is from the August 31 edition of The Blanket Beacon, the Project Linus National Headquarters newsletter:
This December will mark 18 years that Project Linus has been bringing love, comfort and security to children  through new, handmade blankets.  It is truly hard to believe that so much time has gone by. As of this date, at least 4,798,062 blankets have been given to children in need.  In 2012, 422,293 blankets were donated to children throughout the country.  On a daily basis we hear how these children's lives are impacted by this act of kindness. When we just look at numbers, the real story sometimes gets lost. 4,798,062 blankets really means 4,798,062 children have been hugged by a Project Linus blanket. Those are the numbers that really matter. And each of those sweet children have a story all their own.  Project Linus blankets not only have a very real impact on the children who receive them, but also on the parents and families and more. Before that blanket ever reaches the arms of a child, countless people could be lifted up.  In our example, we'll call our
water drops"blanketeer"  Sally.  
  1. Sally is inspired to make a crocheted blanket for a child.  
  2. She shops at a yarn store and the clerk asks what she will be doing with her purchase (they always do). Sally tells her about Project Linus and she smiles. Perhaps she thinks about a family member who was ill and needed this kind of comfort, or even received a Project Linus blanket. 
  3. Sally takes her purchase home and shares the story from the yarn shop with her family. They love that mom is enjoying her hobby and the fulfillment it brings to her.
  4. At work, she takes a break for lunch, and unwinds by working on her blanket in the company break room or cafeteria. Several people stop by and ask about the project Sally is working on. She shares information about Project Linus and her local chapter. She invites some of her coworkers to attend the next chapter meeting with her.
  5. Finally the blanket is finished, and Sally contacts her local chapter coordinator (Donna) to arrange for a drop off. Donna is thrilled - every blanket is individual, and meant for a special child.  
  6. As Donna inspects and labels the blanket she comments on the colors to her daughter and notices that this is a pattern she has been wanting to try.  Her daughter loves it as well, and decides to try the pattern and make a Project Linus blanket too. She has just learned to crochet.
  7. The next week is the appointed time to take the blankets to the local hospital nursery. Donna meets with her contact person at the hospital and together they go through and admire the beautiful blankets - so many different colors and styles!
  8. Another nurse walks by and notices a particular purple blanket. She knows just the patient that this blanket is meant for, and asks to deliver that one herself.  
  9. Now the blankets are carefully placed in a special cupboard on the nursery or pediatrics unit. They don't stay there very long! Very quickly they will find their new home in the arms of a child.  But while they are there, the colors and styles cheer all of the employees. They are so touched that someone would invest so much time and money into helping children that they will never meet or know.
  10. A child is admitted with a high fever. The nurse is having a difficult time inserting an IV, and mom is very upset.  Suddenly a staff member approaches mom and asks if she can give her child a special Project Linus blanket for her very own.  Mom really doesn't know what to say - tears fill her eyes. She admires the label that tells her that this is a Project Linus blanket, handmade with love.  
  11. The nurse is relieved as the child calms down under the comfort of a handmade Project Linus blanket. It really makes her room brighten up.  As she relaxes, the IV is inserted easily and precious healing fluids begin to flow.  
It's hard to count how many people's days have been cheered and brightened by this one act of kindness before the Project Linus blanket ever reaches the child for whom it is intended. And this same story has occurred almost 5 MILLION times.
As our volunteers, blanketeers, chapter coordinators donors and supporters of all kinds, you are those ripples in the pond.  You make this amazing thing happen and touch for good the lives of people you never even considered. 

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